Former Penniac Baptist Church - 2018

Conservation of the former Penniac Baptist Church was a grass roots effort to save the rural community centre.  Working on a limited budget, but with uncounted contributions of resources and manual labour, the Friends of the Penniac Church and Cemetery Inc. focused on demonstrating good conservation practice on a budget.  Heritage Standing Inc. was engaged to provide a condition assessment, and later design services.  Through having a better understanding of the existing structure, as well as an understanding of the wood building construction techniques found in the building, HSI was able to minimise the extent of construction required while meeting both Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada and the National Building Code of Canada.  This project won a 2019 Award of Merit in Conservation Engineering from the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals.

Highlights of project aspects led by HSI include:

  • Performance based evaluation of shallow dry laid stone foundation finding that with site control the foundation meets safety (and code) objectives without need for retrofit.
  • Performance based evaluation of historic wood framing and carpentry joints to confirm they meet safety (and code) objectives with only local interventions required.
  • Deterioration to central floor carrying beam resulted in loss of beam, design approach identified minimal intervention option to support joists at centre span in a way that was compatible with the non-uniform nature of timber floor joists.
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Project Photos

Exterior- before

Exterior- before


Interior- before

Exterior- after. Photo Credit: Friends of the Penniac Church and Cemetery Inc.

Interior- after. Photo Credit: Friends of the Penniac Church and Cemetery Inc.