Reviews and Owner’s Engineer

Old structure problems can remedied in multiple ways.  Standard and perfectly acceptable solutions might be too expensive or reduce the inherent value of the building or structure.  We can assist owners in assessing potential solutions from a conservation perspective and provide alternatives to standard solutions if necessary.

Level 1 Review:

A desktop review of an outside party’s work, followed by discussion with the owner.  The value of a Level 1 review is to assess scenarios in which an alternative approach may provide value. 

Level 2 Review:

A more detailed review of an outside party’s work including a site visit and a letter of findings sealed by a Professional Engineer.  This level of review can be valuable for questions regarding code requirements or conservation methodology.  In some instances, building inspectors, municipalities, and financial institutions will only accept alternate arguments from a Professional Engineer.

Level 3 Review:

Very detailed evaluation of an outside party’s work.  This would be laid out on a case-by-case basis and would lead to a second opinion report with multiple experts reviewing and signing off.