Institutions and Developers

Institutional and commercial building owners who manage historic buildings and structures support their communities.  Historic buildings provide a sense of identity, improve community economic performance, and increase employment through employing skilled trades people for repairs.  With the construction industry based on the rapid construction of new buildings and structures, institutional and commercial owners can have difficulty finding the right professional support to maximize their historic building investment.  Working exclusively on old buildings and structures, Heritage Standing Inc. focuses on:

  • understanding the present and future needs of the owner
  • understanding the current state of the structure and building
  • root causes of deterioration

This approach leads to minimally invasive, compatible, and long lasting solutions that minimize construction and overall costs.  Heritage Standing Inc. most often provides institutional and commercial owners with the following services:

  • structural and envelope condition assessment, including roof systems
  • prioritization of necessary work over a desired time frame
  • structural engineering design focused on minimal intervention
  • project management during construction
  • owner's engineer and reviews