Building Condition Assessment

Often one of the first steps in a conservation project, a condition assessment provides an understanding of a building’s deterioration patterns and structural systems (including building envelope and roof systems).  A condition assessment can be used as a starting point for further evaluation, a guideline for next steps, and a communication document for stakeholders.

Level 1 Condition Assessment:

A visual inspection-based assessment resulting in a letter report to the client describing global findings and/or concerns.  This evaluation is useful if the client wants general feedback, or if the client wants to start with a first-step assessment that can more clearly define the parameters of a future assessment.

 Level 2 Condition Assessment:

Using visual inspection with some non- and minimally invasive investigation into the building.  This level of assessment is significantly more comprehensive, providing clear guidance on next steps and recommendations.  The final deliverable is a reviewed report summarizing what was found, how our evaluation was done, and our end recommendations.  For the majority of projects, a Level 2 Condition Assessment will provide a strong basis from which to move on to design.

 Level 3 Condition Assessment:

Very detailed building diagnostics that provide important information for addressing complex problems.  Their value stems from their ability to greatly reduce construction work in major buildings by having a better understanding of underlying issues.  Tools and deliverables will vary case by case.

Investigation Tools:

Fully understanding a building can require unique tools to gain a greater depth of knowledge.  As well as the standard inspection tools Heritage Standing Inc. uses the following as required and called for:

  • Investigation Tools that are part of HSI resources:
    • Drone
    • Moisture meters
    • Borescope
    • Short range metal detectors
    • Laser lines and levels
    • Vibration sensors
    • High definition thermo cameras
  • Investigation Tools HSI has experience using:
    • Ground penetration radar
  • Investigation Tools HSI engages support on:
    • Flat-jack testing
    • Impact echo