Heritage Standing Inc. supports architects when expertise is required for structural problems with historic buildings or when conservation expertise is required for a historic property. 

Existing buildings often do not meet the prescriptive modern code requirements (Division B) generally used for new construction.  Forcing existing buildings and structures to act as though they are new can result in costly and unnecessary interventions that reduce the building's value.  We are experienced in applying Division A of the Building Code of Canada, finding alternative paths to accomplish all performance objectives.  Shifting time and resources to the evaluation phase of a conservation project, allowing for the use of Division A, gives a better result which typically costs less overall.  Services we often provide to architects include:

  • structure and envelope condition assessments, including roof systems
  • innovative engineering design for minimal intervention
  • conservation specialist services
  • project oversight during construction

We also work with other specialists, including fire and life safety, to provide a full spectrum of unique solutions to meet all modern objective-based code requirements.