Complementary Conservation Services

Heritage Standing Inc. provides wrap-around services that support our conservation-based structural engineering work.  Because old structures often require unique solutions, we have developed non-engineering conservation expertise that helps owners achieve their goals.  Some of the complementary building conservation services we provide include:

  • heritage value assessments
  • feasibility studies
  • master and maintenance plans
  • structure, values, and needs-based building use planning
  • teaching and workshops

We also regularly collarborate with colleagues in other building conservation specialties, including fire and life safety, to provide a greater scope of service.  If you own an old building, or support community members who do, and are having difficulty finding the professional support you need, please reach out to discuss your specific circumstances (506) 459-3203.  We will happily assist if we can, or if we cannot, we will connect you with an appropriate colleague who will be able work with you and your building.