Not-for-profits and Faith Communities

Not-for-profit groups and faith communities are often the owners and caretakers of significant historic buildings.  Limited budgets require smart and efficient use of resources that provide long-lasting solutions.  Conservation-based engineering emphasizes increased investigation at the beginning of a project to understand root causes of deterioration and minimize construction.  This approach maintains the value of a building while decreasing overall costs.  Not-for-profit groups often come to us feeling overwhelmed and discouraged; we provide clarity for owners to approach their building project in a systematic, minimal, and practical way.  The services we most often provide to not-for-profit groups include:

  • condition assessments
  • engineering design
  • project management during construction
  • maintenance plans
  • master plans
  • building use planning based on:
    • values of the community
    • needs of the community
    • structure of the building