Structural Conservation Collaborative Members

Heritage Standing Inc. is a member of the international Structural Conservation Collaborative (SCC).  The SCC is a collaborative of architectural and engineering companies dedicated to old structures and their preservation.  Our firms have similar goals and approaches, able to effectively collaborate on projects that require either our mixed expertise or greater human resources.  Innovative solutions can crystallize from the fruitful dialog amongst experts, and we are grateful to be part of the discourse.

Old Structures Engineering

Old Structures Engineering is based in Manhattan with principal engineers Don Friedman, Marie Ennis, and Michael Lo.  Recognized as a leading consultancy in structural engineering for historic buildings, Old Structures provides reports, drawings, and specifications that give detailed guidance to owners, designers, and contractors, enabling the preservation, restoration, and alteration of landmarked and other older structures.

Sparks Engineering, Inc.

Sparks Engineering Inc. hails from the republic of Texas, just outside of Austin, with principal engineer Patrick Sparks.  Specializing in evaluation and rehabilitation of existing facilties, Sparks Engineering performs structural diagnostics and design, with in-house testing facilities.  Their extensive knowledge of historic metals lead to the development of tests such as the Spark Test for metal identification.

Stephen J Kelley, FAIA, SE, FAPT

Stephen Kelley is an architect and engineer dedicated to the conservation of historic buildings worldwide.  His first 35 years in the industry have included work on one-of-a-kind projects, and he has always been involved in the further education of others in the field.  He is a UNESCO Tangible Heritage Expert, past President of the International Scientific Committee on the Analysis and Restoration of Structures of Architectural Heritage (ISCARSAH), and past Chair of ASTM E6.24 on Building Preservation and Rehabilitation Technology.

Other Friends

Building conservation is done best when using an interdisciplinary team. Collaborations between heritage experts allow the project to be efficient, practical, progressive, and economical, without ever overlooking the needs particular to older construction. In development of these relationships we have several groups and individuals we would like to recognize as friends doing good work in the field.

Professional Loss Control

Professional Loss Control is a Canadian fire protection engineering firm with extensive fire protection experience and an international résumé.  Many challenges posed to the conservation of historic buildings relate to life safety concerns.  Fire Protection Engineers can analyze and propose alternative compliance approaches, and find unique solutions to help their clients.

Cherilyn Widell

Cherilyn Widell is an American expert on historic preservation planning, adaptive reuse of historic buildings, and long term financial planning. One of the recent projects she co-lead was a study for the American Department of Defense which showed that repurposing their pre-World War 2 buildings had greater economic and environmental advantages than demolition and rebuilding.

Architectural Conservation Services

Halifax-based architect Bill Hockey has a passion for historic buildings and a knowledge of international practices that drives him to find the best solutions.

Eve Guinan Design

Eve Guinan leads the Toronoto based EGD Glass Studio.  With over 32 years experience, Eve Guinan, an Accredited Conservator Restorer, holds an MA in conservation from the Architectural Association in London, England. She has managed a long list of high profile projects with the team at EGD Glass, and is respected as an expert in the field.  Part of her work entails consultation on historic stained glass windows, including assessment, planning, restoration, specifications and maintenance.