St. Stephen Old Town Hall - 2016

Heritage Standing Inc. brings to the discussion table an advanced understanding of code application. 

We were engaged to perform a desktop review, without site visit, of a report on the St. Stephen's Old Town Hall. The report, by Dillon Consulting, was well done and had for objective to estimate the cost of bringing the Old Town Hall up to modern standards, meeting all new code requirements. As these costs were deemed prohibitive, the building was slated for demolition. In an effort to save the building, the community organization, the River Arts Resource Council (ARC), asked Heritage Standing Inc. to estimate the cost of making the building safe for occupancy and continued use. 

Without needing to meet the code requirements of new construction, yet without compromising safety, estimated costs were nearly halved, with savings of over one million dollars.

Heritage Standing Inc. is in the position of being able to re-estimate these assessments because of our understanding of the greater intent of the code and its application to existing structures. It is possible to demonstrate, within legislation, safe and realistic approaches that still respect the intents of the code.  In reviewing the report, we identified items to remove from the scope of necessary work as well as provide the relevant justifications.

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Project Photos

Roof of St. Stephen's Old Town Hall (Photo credit John Leroux)

Inner roof (Photo credit John Leroux)

Into the basement (Photo credit John Leroux)

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