Structural Health Monitoring

Heritage Standing Inc. has developed in-house software for Sturctural Health Monitoring (SHM). This software, MIROVY,  allows us to more quickly undertake advanced analysis of data, including regression analysis of data for damage detection that accounts for our changing climate and the unique nature of older materials and designs. 


Level 1 SHM:

Regular visual inspection of tell-tales and predefined points, cracks, levels, plumb, etc.  No electronic systems are employed.


Level 2 SHM:

Based upon a Condition Assessment and / or the client’s needs, HSI will accordingly tailor a monitoring system. The system is designed to provide specific answers to well-defined questions using a clear methodology. The why and how the data will be collected, reported, and interpreted are defined before any installation.  The SHM systems typically consist of data loggers connected to wired sensors which collect data every hour. The system is monitored over time by his who interprets and provides reports at pre-defined intervals (yearly at minimum).  A Level 2 SHM system can be used for long-term asset management. It typically includes early damage detection algorithms to aid owners in catching deficiencies when they can be addressed easily and at minimum expense.