Former Penniac Baptist Church - 2018

Conservation of the former Penniac Baptist Church was a grass roots effort to save the rural community centre.  Working on a limited budget, but with uncounted contributions of resources and manual labour, the Friends of the Penniac Church and Cemetery Inc. focused on demonstrating good conservation practice on a budget.  Heritage Standing Inc. was engaged to provide a condition assessment, and later design services.  Through having a better understanding of the existing structure, as well as an understanding of the wood building construction techniques found in the building, HSI was able to minimise the extent of construction required while meeting both Standards and Guidelines for...

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Charlotte County Museum - 2017

Charlotte County Museum in St. Stephen is a wonderful little museum inside a historic home near the river.  This is another example where attention to the cracking in plaster is an excellent indicator of what is happening, not only to the building but to the history of repairs.  Beautiful building, we were lucky to help out.

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Perkins House Museum, Liverpool - 2016

The museum, in Liverpool, Nova Scotia, is the house of Simeon Perkins, whose diaries are one of Canada`s most valuable windows into our colonial past. HSI was retained for a preliminary assessment and to provide a methodology for the conservation of the structure.

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Emergency fa├žade stabilization, St. Andrews - 2016

This building in the popular tourist destination of St. Andrews, New Brunswick, dates from 1888. It has a façade consisting of three brick masonry layers, or wythes. Connections between the wythes had degraded such that the layers were peeling away from the building. Contractors suggested total disassembly and reassembly. Heritage Standing developed an alternative solution to avoid a much more costly reconstruction. While the contractors were unfamiliar with the proposed approach, they were willing to work with the alternative solution on condition that Heritage Standing Inc. would assume liability.   

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St. Stephen Old Town Hall - 2016

Heritage Standing Inc. brings to the discussion table an advanced understanding of code application. 

We were engaged to perform a desktop review, without site visit, of a report on the St. Stephen's Old Town Hall. The report, by Dillon Consulting, was well done and had for objective to estimate the cost of bringing the Old Town Hall up to modern standards, meeting all new code requirements. As these costs were deemed prohibitive, the building was slated for demolition. In an effort to save the building, the community organization, the River Arts Resource Council (ARC), asked Heritage Standing Inc. to estimate the cost of making the building safe for occupancy and continued use. 

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St Marys Holy Trinity - 2015

Holy Trinity Anglcan Church, located in Lower St. Mary's, was constructed in 1846.  It is one of the few examples in Canada of a cruciform based plan with each arm of the cross being of equal size.  Heritage Standing Inc. undertook a structural review of the building and reported on immediate concerns. 

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