ICOMOS Mission to the National History Park, Haiti - 2015

Principal Engineer, Dr.Tom Morrison, was part of the ICOMOS Mission on behalf of UNESCO to the National History Park of Haiti in 2015. The National History Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site consisting of the Citadelle Laferrière and the Palais Sans Souci. The United Nations hope to invest in the restoration of the National History Park to provide Haitians with a sustainable stream of income.  ICOMOS is the body providing expertise to UNESCO in matters of heritage conservation. Dr. Morrison has been an expert member of ICOMOS since 2010.

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Bulls Creek Barn - 2015

Bulls Creek Barn, located in Bulls Creek, New Brunswick, was built 1916 with a lower level for dairy cows and an upper level hay loft.  The building has a lower level of early concrete with a recycled timber frame structure on top.  This barn is similar to so many which dot the countryside and lend unique charater. Although beautiful in its own right, it raises many practical questions.  The old barns have always been functional low-cost structures, but are no longer integral to modern farming operations.  How can good engineering find affordable solutions for rural owners to keep them standing?

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G. E. George Building - 2014 - 2015

The G. E. George building is located in Fredericton, NB.  The building is pre-confederation and, until recently, had been home to a multi-generation family clothing and shoe store.  The client purchased the building in 2014, it having been abandoned for the 2 years prior, the upper levels not having been used for the last 30 years.  Upper levels of the building were in exceedingly poor condition.

The project scope for Heritage Standing Inc. changed dramatically over the course of the building rehabilitation.  Originally brought in to look at structural deficiencies in the building, Heritage Standing Inc. was then asked to take over project management.  The owner had originally been...

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Trinity Anglican Church - Preliminary Assessment - 2014

Trinity Anglican Church, located in Saint John, New Brunswick, was established by loyalists arriving from Boston.  The Church and attached Schoolhouse are unreinforced masonry structures with wood roof trusses and floors.  An interior reinforced concrete floor was added to the Schoolhouse.  Heritage Standing was retained to provide a general preliminary assessment to aid in future planning for the buildings. 

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Conservation of Beinn Bhreagh Point - 2013 to 2015

Beinn Bhreagh Point was built by Alexander Graham Bell and his wife, Mabel, between 1881 and 1883.  The beautiful Summer Residence, located just outside Beddeck, Nova Scotia, is privately owned by Bell's descendants. The owners are working to conserve the building in-line with innovative international best practices so that Beinn Breagh can continue to be a meeting spot of the minds.

Heritage Standing Inc. has been involved through multiple phases of its restoration, including preliminary assessment, condition assessment, and structural rehabilitation design. 

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Laundry Building Joist Repairs - 2013

The Laundry Building, located in downtown Fredericton, was given its nickname by the owners due to it's past use as a laundromat.  The early laundromat had dryers in the basement of the building, exposing the joists to constant high humidity.  The preconfederation building, now a clothing boutique, had excessive rot to the ground floor joists.  Working with the owner, contractor, and local lumber mill, Heritage Standing Inc. was able to procure matching rough cut lumber and install it without closing the store above.  The continued use of the larger rough lumber allowed for no alterations to foundation walls or supports and maintained existing spans. ...

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