Old Building Jargon

There is a unique language to discussing the saving of old buildings that needs to be clarified before a more in-depth conversation can take place.  Also, just because one is familiar with the jargon in the United States does not mean that they know the Canadian equivalent – we’ll come to that.  

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St. Stephen’s Old Town Hall

This review is a reassessment of cost estimates for making the St. Stephen's Old Town Hall safe for occupancy and continued use. Using the code's accomodations that exempt existing structures from having to meet the standards of new construction, over one million dollars in savings were identified.

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What does the engineer do?

When dealing with existing and historic buildings, or when taking on the conservation of a building, what is the role of the engineer?  What can she or he provide to the project that is valuable and unique to their skill set? 

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General Information

The following sites provide general information on historic buildings:

The Canadian Association of Heritage Professional (CAHP) is an organization that verifies professionals as being qualified for working with Historic Buildings in Canada. Information on their members and suggested practices from them can be found on their website at:

International conservation principles and guidelines are set by the...

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