Practical advice

Resources for taking action:

  1. The American Secretary of the Interior publishes the Preservation Briefs, which discuss and provide guidance on several common issues in historic building preservation, rehabilitation, and restoration. A trustworthy and practical resource for owners of historic buildings, topics include: wooden windows, wood siding, roofing, accessibility, historic masonry and many, many more:
  2. This site provides a great resource book on the topic of maintenance plan creation:  A maintenance plan is a critical tool for building owners that have revolving personnel or board members.
  3. Faith and the Common Good provides guidance on "greening" faith communities, including practical tool kits.  The "Energy Star Action Workbook" provides a complete manual for undertaking an energy efficiency project and the "DIY Energy Audit" allows owners to get to know their buildings and discover ways to use less energy.  https:\\
  4. This UK based organization provides very practical building conservation articles:
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