National heritage funding:

  1. Government of Canada: Canada Cultural Spaces Fund focuses on spaces for art and culture:
  2. Government of Canada: Legacy Fund – Building Communities Through Arts and Heritage:
  3. Government of Canada: Enabling Accessibility Fund for small projects component.  Applications accepted yearly:
  4. Parks Canada:  National Cost-Sharing Program for Heritage Places.  The building must be a federally recognized heritage place.  There are annual calls and deadlines for proposals.  Funding information for 2021/2022 is not yet out:
  5. Federation of Canadian Municipalities: Green Municipal Fund.  Funding for projects that focus on sustainability for municipalities:
  6. Quebec recently added religious heritage buildings to the list of properties that are eligible for provincial funding.  While this is not applicable to many HSI clients, it does give hope that places of faith may eventually become eligible for heritage funding in other provinces.  The bilingual website has many excellent resources for owners of heritage buildings.  Religious Heritage Council:


New Brunswick heritage funding:*

  1. Community Cultural Places:
  2. Built Heritage Program https:  //  The building does not need to be a designated historic building, but must have significant community heritage value.  The program has two components:
    • Component A will contribute up to 75%, to a maximum of $5,000 per project, for specialized design, engineering and/or conservation expertise for conservation related aspects.
    • Component B will contribute up to 50%, to a maximum of $30,000 per project, of the capital required for conservation related aspects.
  3. Property Tax Abatement for heritage properties:

*Buildings of faith communities that receive property tax rebates are not eligible


The City of Saint John heritage funding:

  1.  Heritage Maintenance Grant
  2.  Heritage Conservation Grant
  3.  Heritage Conservation Plan Grant

The details for this funding can be found here:


The City of Moncton heritage funding:

  1. Heritage Grant

Details about the City of Moncton Heritage Conservation Board and available funding can be found at:

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